About Archer Avenue

The value of an advertisement is best measured by the quality of the audience it reaches.
Since 2009, Archer has been matching great sponsors with the best podcasts and the smartest audience.

Advertisers: Reach the Best Audience

Reach highly engaged designers, developers, business owners, and tech-savvy consumers.

1. The Perfect Match

We take the time to work with you one-on-one to make sure your ad runs on the shows you’re interested in, and can recommend shows that best fit your target audience. We take the pain out of nailing-down independent podcasters. Help us get familiar with what you’re looking for by taking a second to fill out the Inquiry Form.

2. Create & Deliver

Tell us what makes your company great! Our creative team works with you to make the perfect read, using your custom tracking URL and offer codes! We’ll get the read to the hosts and they’ll deliver a professional, high quality, endoresement-style ad to the best and most engaged audience around.

3. Enjoy Your Ad

Scrubbing through an hour long show or emailing mp3 files back and forth? That’s so 2013. Log into our super-simple Portal and listen your awesome spot. It’s fully equipped with audio players that jump straight to your ad in the show, and provides handy, real-time statistics.

Podcasters: Let Us Do The Work

Your podcast is awesome. We’ll find you great sponsors and handle all the details.

1. Join Archer

We’ll pitch your show to our roster of great sponsors to find the perfect match for your podcast. We create custom spots based on your show and audience, and you set the number of ads for your shows and have final approval for every sponsor we book for you.

2. Make Awesome Podcasts

Do what you do best: make awesome shows with the ads we’ve prepared for you. Host your audio files anywhere you like – our podcast tracker handles everything and provides you with real-time download stats, performance, and more. It couldn’t be easier.

3. Get Paid

We take a comission and pay you electronically every month, like clockwork. Forget about chasing after sponsors and waiting for ‟checks in the mail”. We handle everything so you can focus on creating the best shows. It’s that easy.

If each episode of your podcast recieves at least 50,000 downloads in the first 30 days, please contact us.

Ad Samples: What They Sound Like

We deliver your message as in an endorsement style that’s a seamless part of the show.

Our Shows

We represent a number of networks with over 100 great podcasts, like the ones below.

Our Sponsors

We put listener trust first and work hard to find exceptional, relevant sponsors that will benefit our audience.

What Our Advertisers Are Saying

Our Team

We know podcasting because we are podcasters (at 5by5) and obsessive podcast listeners.

Dan Benjamin
Founder & CEO
Haddie Cooke
Account Director
Shlok Vaidya
Business Analyst
Bailea Van Den Brink
Sales Associate

Contact Us

We would love the opportunity to help connect your product or service to our podcasts and audience. Please use the link below to send us an email including your company's name and website, the podcasts you're interested in, an approximate start date, and estimated budget. We look forward to working with you!